@UlurooSpeaks “Congratulations, you’ve completed a…

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@UlurooSpeaks “Congratulations, you’ve completed a syllogism!” Nice. ?

@BrentDiskin There are a number…

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@BrentDiskin There are a number of parts that set PTFC apart from other clubs. Your work is truly one of those spec… https://t.co/t0jHBTUAqD

Such an amazing kid. Good…

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Such an amazing kid. Good job on him, Love. https://t.co/wuip1fvCHB


@richardfarley @TimbersFC @MLS That was…

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@richardfarley @TimbersFC @MLS That was a spectacular piece. The linear skips really made it feel much shorter and… https://t.co/Oncebm4yHt


@nickf @Macys Exactly! @Cmdr_Hadfield would…

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@nickf @Macys Exactly! @Cmdr_Hadfield would be able to fend off that winters debris! That’s what makes a Canadian hero.


Are you serous @Macys? Your…

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Are you serous @Macys? Your Xmas ad with the present full of (plastic?) snow opening on the ISS was… horrific! The… https://t.co/OvOZlqsjqQ


@portlandpadre OMG. HE WAS A…

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@portlandpadre OMG. HE WAS A “GIO METRO”! #rctid

@BrentDiskin Imposter syndrome relies on…

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@BrentDiskin Imposter syndrome relies on you forgetting all of the skills that you have learned up to today. Do you… https://t.co/WmgGMngQsp


Looking for 1 TA ticket…

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Looking for 1 TA ticket for our 8yo boy who wants to see his first championship match! PayPal #rctid


Last night’s match in a…

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Last night’s match in a chart. Blue line is a neutral take on winning chances, Red was my personal take. That’s a r… https://t.co/kczBR4G6xY