@ontojenesis @timmybabbles Consider putting these…

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@ontojenesis @timmybabbles Consider putting these things on a shared online doc to annotate and make notes about.


@PdxCowbell (Slowly raises hand…)

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@PdxCowbell (Slowly raises hand…)


RT @nikefootball: Break a world…

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Break a world record. Then inspire the next generation to beat it.
@sincy12 nets number 185 – more international… https://t.co/k4AFCLC3EG

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Didn’t get this posted at the time, but today seems like a good time to share. James with the all time leading goal… https://t.co/QBvuYcmC6V


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Got to visit Ollie at @dovelewis tonight. Thankfully he’s doing better and most likely gets to come home tomorrow.… https://t.co/o0qftfvp9Q

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Currently at @dovelewis animal hospital due to poor Ollie being sick. Thoughts and prayers for the big guy. https://t.co/EEMbhJjX9g


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For the last time, no that bit of driftwood is not its own country, and no you can not name it Puffinland https://t.co/7Mw2cdpw1T


@splorp I thought you might…

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@splorp I thought you might be interested to see what I pulled out of the back closet this weekend. Original box wi… https://t.co/ykWlXwDjbI


#pdxboom just now in inner…

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#pdxboom just now in inner SE maybe?


@ThisDoesNotComp @soffes The $20 IKEA…

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@ThisDoesNotComp @soffes The $20 IKEA Frekvens Bluetooth speaker sounds fine. It’s a bit tinny but that’s physics f… https://t.co/lN713H77yD