Shut it all down! Too…

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Shut it all down! Too long has the moon loomed over us. Your tax dollars at work. https://t.co/GHWDLESC9n


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Hi! I'm a WoC UX lead at Google. I do a lot of interviewing and hiring. If you would like portfolio review/feedback… https://t.co/CDjdU6dMWt


RT @starenova: Wow, I had…

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RT @starenova: Wow, I had…

Wow, I had no idea otters were included in the furlough. The local news is really on top of things! https://t.co/GBvIy9IGvz


My canonical example of a…

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My canonical example of a mangled idiom is "Off on left base", combining "off in left field" and "off base".

Mangled idioms, today’s addition: “Projects…

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Mangled idioms, today's addition: "Projects I'm spearing up." Combining the idiom "spearheading" and "heading up".

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Dear @LidlUS

My name is Bean. I eat peanut butter and jelly English muffins for three meals a day.

Back in Febr… https://t.co/vhUBCc6Rck


@Finn_aka_Jeremy @rodwallace22 Only a very…

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@Finn_aka_Jeremy @rodwallace22 Only a very little bit. : )

@Finn_aka_Jeremy And don’t forget that…

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@Finn_aka_Jeremy And don’t forget that the last player from the Western Conference to score in the MLS Cup was… R… https://t.co/u2Ed0AtLPQ

@atpreferences https://t.co/aCMzd1se5S from episode 308,…

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@atpreferences https://t.co/aCMzd1se5S from episode 308, 08:08

@HighDefinite Did your https://t.co/GsBf6zzdkw domain…

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@HighDefinite Did your https://t.co/GsBf6zzdkw domain expire?