@keremfndk @cnni Yes, the copy…

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@keremfndk @cnni Yes, the copy notes this is just 1% of the the total lost, so far.


@MerriamWebster If ‘woman’ didn’t come…

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@MerriamWebster If 'woman' didn't come from 'man' etymologically speaking, then what other apparent associations are popularly erroneous?

@parkerhendo https://t.co/TbetloGVjy

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@parkerhendo https://t.co/TbetloGVjy

@ThisDoesNotComp I was hoping that…

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@ThisDoesNotComp I was hoping that the intro segment would have been revealed to be the Unreal demo itself. Maybe s… https://t.co/9IASQ1mNFR


@heydonworks https://t.co/OOXuHzhcMt – Already started,…

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@heydonworks https://t.co/OOXuHzhcMt – Already started, FYI. 2 May 1967


@cabel Wait till he finds…

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@cabel Wait till he finds out about Rooster Rock. ?

#Webbys People’s Voice voting ends…

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#Webbys People’s Voice voting ends today, Thursday May 7. The Nike Purpose site needs your vote to win:… https://t.co/BTnA6xtKuo


@annaecook All these people talking…

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@annaecook All these people talking about how Accessibility making the web more welcoming… screw that. A11y makes m… https://t.co/RCHHJuQt8m

Distance learning via web browsers…

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Distance learning via web browsers is like performing dentistry with a spoon.


@rocketmath I just sent 3…

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@rocketmath I just sent 3 pieces of feedback via your bugyard tab. I can go into detail if you’d like to see how my… https://t.co/qUyI3HTPPE